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Living in and reading about China

Feet on soil chapters.    Nose in books chapters.

Two types of chapter, alternating: Dichotomy, duality, doubly interesting.

yin yang

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yin yang


Table of Contents

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On his deathbed friends urged him, for the sake of his soul, to retract his incredible narrative.
Marco Polo’s only reply to their pleadings, tradition tells, was the simple comment:
“I have not told half of what I saw.”

Hildebrand, Jesse Richardson. "The World's Greatest Overland Explorer", National Geographic Magazine (Nov. 1928).
When I went to China, I went to teach; but every day that I stayed I thought less of what I had to teach them
and more of what I had to learn from them.

Bertrand Russell, The Problem of China (1929).
Before I reached America I knew that if I could possibly manage it and if there still be time,
I would go back.

Graham Peck, Through China’s Wall (1940).

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One last thing:
Hardy has just published a new book, this one about birds,


* Pursuit, * Bird, * Place -- for 30 different birds in North America.

The reviews are in:
"Quite an amazing production!", "It is a great read!", "I love it!",
"love the feel of free range authorship", "What a great read!", "thoroughly enjoyed it!", "infectious!"

Just as with the book here, there's a companion website for the book:

Also available right now on Amazon: 30 Birds

30 Birds by Hardy Wieting, Jr
people often incorrectly spell it Weiting
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